Ordering & Shipping


When you place an order with us we will send you an email outlining your options for customisation. This might include whether you want:

  • An external pocket

  • What size shoes

  • Which lining material you would like to use

  • How you would like the straps (Backpacks)

  • What sort of embellishment you would like 

Once you have confirmed this, your vegan leather item goes into production and may take a few days (depending on the number we have) to be made and finished.
It is then carefully checked all over to be sure all the zips, seams, and pockets are all looking good and packed up ready to go.

 Smiling Man WorkingWe love keeping our craftsmen happy!


We decided to give free shipping across South Africa and your package will be shipped to your address with Fastway. 

We will be in touch as soon as everything is ready to go to let you know when you can expect your parcel.

All things going well and when we are firing on all cylinders you can expect your items in 7-10 days, which we know is longer than some stores but as we make all of our products to order, I am sure you will agree that this is understandable.


All that is left for us to say is Thank you!

Thank you for choosing to buy from a small business. Thank you for choosing to purchase a product that keeps rubbish out of landfill. Thank you for your time. We hope that we will see you again!